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7th Annual Baltic Military History Conference, Estland

09. März 2016 - 10. März 2016
Baltic Defence College


From the Great War to the post-Cold War era: The Baltic Region as an international crossroad from 1900 to 2020
Recent events in the Ukraine and the resurgence of Russia’s assertiveness towards the West have raised concerns regarding the security of the Baltic states. Historically, the region has been a battleground for many nations fighting to influence it, or a battlespace during wars among empires. The strong historical footprint has marked its influence on the overall fate of the three Baltic states and continues to affect the whole region which is located in a geo-strategically important part of Europe.

The Baltic Defence College is pleased to announce the 7th Annual Baltic Military History Conference.

The aim of the conference is to examine the military-political aspects of the Baltic region from a historical perspective, and to focus on the manner in which the region has constituted a significant theatre in the centuries’ old rivalry between Russia and the other European powers.
The conference will focus on exploring how lessons from the past can offer a guideline to develop a viable defence policy for the wider Baltic region. The College therefore invites academics and researchers to contribute to the event in order to enhance the current understanding of the region within the regional and international contexts. The exchange of ideas will improve our perception of military history in a broader framework and will also provide an opportunity to discuss this during the follow-on panel sessions.

Find more information on the Baltic Defense College`s website: https://www.baltdefcol.org/?id=14